The Sales Process

Whatever you sell, having a strong sales process will enable you to plan exactly how you are going to target, converse with and win business.


Sales Strategy

Without a plan, we plan to fail. Setting a strong sales strategy from the word go is essential. Figure who you want to do business with, understand why you want to do business with them and build yourself a sales strategy that will generate the right kind of value for you over the course of your sales process.


Generating the Right Leads

Developing your marketing and physical sales efforts can be challenging and complex. Remain focussed on generating the right leads for you and your business.


Starting the Right Conversations

Be self assured about starting the right conversations from the right position. Those first mood setting and expectation setting conversations are essential to paving the way to achieving trusted partner status at the end of this sales process.


Securing a 'Supply' Deal

Closing the deal. This is your first 'Supply Deal' and we need to ensure you deliver against expectations, above expectations and create the right feelings of value and support with your customer.


Demonstrating Exceptional Delivery

You know you did the best job you could but do your clients understand that? Do your clients really know the lengths you went to in order to deliver the exceptional product that they are now using?


Becoming a Valued Supplier

After initial delivery, it's time to start building your relationship up from simple supplier to valued supplier. This is about securing future business, maintaining routine sales with your customer and creating an environment or trust.


Building Client Value Through Trust

As you become a reliable, valued supplier you want to always find ways to build client trust so that you can be assured of future client business. We want your client to feel that they can ask you to do anything in their business and simply trust that you'll do it right every time.


Becoming a Trusted Partner

At this stage, we're really flying high. We've built a trusting, valuable relationship with your client and they now see you as a trusted partner that they wholly invite into their business or organisation in order to deliver projects. This is an exceptionally valuable position.